If you suffer from parodontitis we offer a complete periodontical care in collaboration with a specialist.


Inflammation and gum bleeding are a common problem of today’s society.

One of the most important thing in keeping oral hygiene is a correct hygiene of the oral cavitiy, as well as regular check-ups including removing tooth deposit and dental calculus.

Periodontical diseases are of different kinds. In the first place there is gingivitis connected with plaque (gum inflammation) and parodontitis (inflammation and loss of periodontical supporting tissue).

The main reason for gum diseases is inadequate oral hygiene. Beside  bad oral hygiene there are also other factors, which contribute to gum diseases (wrong brushing technique, inadequate stoppings and prosthetical replacements, wrong eating habits, genetic factors…)

The symptoms that, unfortunately, point to advanced periodontal disease are:

Bleeding of gums when brushing your teeth, flossing or spontaneously?

Dental flesh is swollen?

Dental flesh is dark color?

Bad breath?

If you notice the following symptoms of periodontitis do not wait, seek help from dentists.

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Copyright 2022 ARS Dentalis. All rights reserved. | Made by MakeIT