Dr. Talaja Tomašić patiently and successfully rehabilitated many young patients, freed many children from the fear of dentists, and worked with children with special needs.

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Dental care begins with the eruption of baby teeth in a child’s oral cavity. It is already somewhere around the 6th month of life. However, as the growth and development of the teeth follows the overall growth and development of the child, deviations from some +/- 6 months are also allowed. In the first years of life, the most important people for maintaining children’s oral hygiene are parents. They should be aware that hygiene should be started from the eruption of the first tooth, and that a visit to the dentist should be made as early as the age of 2 to 3.

It is important for the child to establish a relationship with the dentist, acquire the habits of regular departure, receive instructions for washing and eating, get used to the environment and doctors, and all through one type of play and conversation.

It is important to regularly coat teeth with fluoride and mineral-based gels and solutions that will strengthen tooth enamel, and to repair deciduous teeth because they preserve the place of their permanent successors, so early loss of deciduous teeth causes various problems in later years in permanent dentition.

Macro close up of little girl having fun brushing teeth.

For our small patients, we conduct preventive examinations, fluoridation, protection of the first permanent molars, teach proper brushing, repair caries and ensure complete dental care.

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