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is a new interdisciplinary branch in stomatology which aim is to secure a nice and shining smile.


Having nice and white teeth is the wish of each person as a nice smile gives self-confidence and that is what people notice first. The reasons for teeth to darken are numerous and there are different factors which contribute to this unwanted and aesthetically unalluring effect through the years such as genetic and degenerative changes, the use of different drugs, antibiotic but also the consumption of unhealthy food and drinks, smoking, coffee and inadequate oral hygiene.

For this reason the bleaching treatment is ideal for people who have their own and healthy teeth and wish for a nice and healthy smile. It is advised, if necessary, to remove toothing stone prior to the bleaching treatment.

We point out that the bleaching treatment ist not suitable for children under the age of 16, whereas there is no upper age limit. It is not advisable to have a bleaching treatment during pregnancy or lactation. Tooth bleaching today is one of  the aesthetically minorest invasive stomatological interventions and also the most popular with  younger population with an extraordinary, aesthetic effect.

In our medical practice Ultradent Opalescence products are used, which is the leading brand in bleaching with over 30 years of experience and they guarantee white teeth without damaging the dental enamel as they contain in its composition the patented PF which preserves the dental enamel.

Sandblast cleaning

Sandblast  teeth cleaning  refers to removing yellow and dark spots from our teeth, which develop from frequent consumption of cigarettes, coffee, tea and other coloured drinks, which in the long term leave spots on teeth and thus a dark tooth colour.

This method itself includes professional cleaning of the surficial tooth deposit (plaque and pigmentation) with a high-pressure water jet and powder.

The powder consists of tiny parts of calcium carbonate and natrium hydrogen carbonate, which is available  in different tastes.

This can be repeated annually a couple of times, depending on the individual inclination as far as the accumulation of tooth deposit and the pigmentation is concerned and this is also part of the preparation, which is prior to the bleaching process.


Using veneers tooth inequality can be changed quickly in a very easy way and a wonderful smile can be achieved. Venners are very tiny replacements made of highly aesthetic ceramics, which are stuck on the front part of the tooth. The following things can be changed with them:

  • the shape
  • the look
  • the colour
  • the space between teeth

Teeth abrasion is minimal for veneers, meaning that neither the tooth nor the gingiva is damaged. As they are made of first-class ceramic material, they do not change their colour through the years and keep a natural look, because they are only a couple of millimeter thin.

In the medical practice Ars Dentalis  a mock-up is made before the final veneers are produced and the temporary replacements are made together with the dental laboratory, which our patient wears until the long-term product is ready, but they also serve to show the patient the shape and size of the new teeth and potential shape corrections are made and adapted to the patient’s face.

The durability is 15 years if they are cleaned correctly and regurlarly checked up every 6 months.

Veneers advantages:

  • Minimal tooth reduction through abrasion
  • A remarkable natural look, as the ceramic imitates the dental enamel and reflects it the same way, which is why the veneer has the same shine as a natural tooth.
  • They do not darken or rather change their colour as their surface is smooth as glass.
  • The gingiva tolerates metall-free ceramic as material

Dermal filler and botox

The main ingredient of dermal filler hyaluronic acid is a natural ingredient of the human body. Its main characteristic is the ability to bind large volumes of water and to create new collagen, so that thus wrinkles are filled and the skin regains freshness, tautness and shine.

Dermal fillers return volume and elasticity to the skin and hydrate the skin, while they give lips a fuller and more sensual look.

In our medical practice Teoxane fillers are used, which have a wide range of products for all indications and these first-class fillers are known for their quality and resistance. The treatment is minimally invasive, very efficient and painless.

Botox  is the most popular anti-age treatment in the world and a naturally cleaned protein respectively, which is made with the help of the bacteria clostridium botulinum, which hinders the muscle activity and relaxes the muscles.  Its effectiveness can be seen in the smoothing of face wrinkles, especially on the forehead, around the eyes, the nose and between the eyebrows.

The result of the use of botox is a fresh looking face, which appears younger, more relaxed and brighter. It can also be used for reducing sweating in the armpit and palm area and in stomatology to heal Gummy Smile, a trismus (lockjaw), bruxism (teeth grinding). The treatment is minimally invasive, effective and painless.

Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery (skyce) represents in dental medicine a trend, in terms of applying a zircon or a true diamant on the tooth. The application is fast and painless and gives the patient a touch of personal character smile. The zircon or diamant is stuck on the tooth surface, which does not damage it.

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