In our medical practic we work with a specialist for orthodontics, who will recommend for you the best therapy regarding your anamnesis and analysing your case, in which you can choose between the classical orthodontics with metal or white braces and the digital Six Months Smiles orthodontics, which uses transparent, highly esthetic braces and invisible appliances – aligners.


Orthodontics is a branch in stomatology which deals with bringing a tooth in its best position in order to achieve a harmonic relation in the jaw , thus contributing to a complete face look.

An orthodontic therapy ensures not only an esthetic look of your teeth, it also ensures a correct chewing function and a better maintenance of oral hygiene, as it brings the teeth in their correct position. There is no age limit for an orthodontic therapy.

SIX MONTH SMILES is an esthetic, orthodontic appliance, which is a revolutionary combination of classical, orthodontic techniques and modern materials and innovative methods and this results in a fast and soft teeth shifting.

The appliance consists of transparent braces, which are almost invisible and very comfortable to wear. The therapy last from 6 until 9 months.

The appliances are planned digitally together with experienced orthodontists.


SIX MONTH TRANSPARENT  ALIGNERS are made using the most progressive materials on the market  Zendura FLX, which is characterized by transparency, resistance, flexibility and a fast and safe tooth shifting.

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Copyright 2022 ARS Dentalis. All rights reserved. | Made by MakeIT